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Myopia is currently an epidemic that is spreading rapidly across Asia. In the last 60 years, myopia rates have increased 8 times in Hong Kong, 4 times in Korea, and 4 times in Taiwan. It is estimated that 1/3 of people around the globe, a total of 250 million patients, have myopia(The Myopia Boom. Nature. 2015

According to data from the Ministry of Education, in Japan more than 60% of high school students, more than 50% of middle school students, and more than 30% of elementary school students have an eyesight of less than 1.0; this number is increasing every year. In addition to this, high myopia is now the 5th leading cause of blindness. These statistics represent the need not only for myopia correction, but also for its treatment and prevention.

There is a dire need to prevent myopia and stop its progression in Japan, Asia, and the entire world. At the Myopia Society Japan, we investigate the mechanisms that lead to myopia and work to develop scientifically proven methods of treatment and prevention. We are trying to build evidence for nutrition and lifestyle habits that patients can incorporate into their everyday lives. We are conducting a wide array of research related to myopia. Our aim is to contribute to society by protecting people from myopia.

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